Pack the silence

For the vast majority of us, silence is associated with speech. The great philosophers such as Kant, Dostoyevsky, Heidegger or Freud all started from speech to explain silence. They could have associated silence with music, with the noise pollution of cities or with the primal cry of the just born child. They chose speech. But the reverse is just as interesting, namely to explain speech through silence.

There are diseases of silence. The psychotics who are abandoned in a dark, deaf and dumb bubble. The one that concerns people who hear nothing else. Deaf people. And the one that concerns people like me who hear a very high-pitched, permanent noise that only I can hear. Silence has been stolen from us.

For a visual artist it’s a challenge. The representation of silence. For me it’s mostly a kind of therapy, in the sense that I try to express something more, something elusive. By wrapping the silence I offer myself the possibility to represent it in my own way, with the handicap I have.

And when I finish a painting I feel like I’m taking back what was stolen from me.