Life vs Dead (2014 – 2015)

Emmanuel Muraille & Valery Zubarov

The paintings and drawings of Emmanuel Muraille shows the influence of nature on statues, or the contrast between the sad and set expression of the sculpture and the full of life but dazed and confused expression of nature.

Valery Zubarov is official photographer of the world-famous Hermitage Museum. He collaborates with prestigious and well-known publishing house “Arch” which specializes in the publication of books and albums of art. He works with various techniques using texture, light and colours, from ascetic works in “camera phones” style to multiple exposure photos, seeking a balance between colours and monochrome photo, using influence of Robert Mapplethorpe in his style. Valery gives his interpretation of sculptural composition of the great masters. He often depicts close-ups that are reminiscent of the work of Margaret Cameron. He is also interested in the macro-shooting of nature and breathtaking photos of night views of his native St. Petersburg.