Emmanuel Muraille

Visual artist.
Lives and works in Brussels.
Graduated from Brussels Superior Art School Saint Luc (1976-82), and studied at the Brussels Royal Academy of Fine Arts (1983-86).

Emmanuel Muraille works with many different techniques like photography, tempera, oil, acrylic, charcoal and pastels. His photographic work coexists closely with his painting.
In his work we can detect the influence of Karl Blossfedt’s photographs, Simon Hantaï’s paintings, as well as realistic Russian painter Ivan Shishkin.

Nature represents for him an infinite and inexhaustible source of inspiration as it offers all imaginable forms and textures, and generates pure emotions. Since 2012, he has been studying the possibility of recomposing nature in an abstract way, through complex structures inspired by his photographic researches.
His recent works show the impact of nature on statues in public spaces, and the contrast between the sad and frozen expression of the sculpture and the fullness of life brought by the wild expression of nature.
He has been working for more than one year on the reconstruction of 15 busts of the Villa Giulia in Palermo. With this work he combines his two main centers of interest: nature and statuary in the public space.

Latest exhibitions :