Emmanuel Muraille

Visual artist.
Lives and works in Brussels.

Graduate of the Saint-Luc Higher School of Art and a student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he uses various techniques such as tempera, oil, inks, charcoal or pastel. His photographic works coexist closely with his painting.

Since 2012 he studies the possibility of recomposing nature in an abstract way, through complex structures, anarchic organizations and at the same time so perfect. He also focused on showing the influence of nature on statuary during an exhibition with Valery Zubarov, official photographer of the Hermitage Museum.

Passionate about Sicilian neoclassicism and the philosophy of the Enlightenment, he has been developing since 2016 a concept of rebuilding a destroyed art, symptom of a civilizational decline, such as the decapitated busts of the Villa Giulia public garden in Palermo. With this work he combines his two main interests: nature and statuary in the public space. For him, it is a question of translating an emotion that goes beyond a beauty that no longer exists to the sublime of a destruction that must be accepted.

Now he is analysis is own silence who desepaer because of his acuphen problems (pack the silence). And also his own psychanalist problems with 4 projects begining with 2 psychanalist : Icedora Longman and Kataline Mouthopen (confidential still now).

Latest exhibitions :